Dog care Do's & Don'ts

Hello Puppies we love you, you are adorable, which is why we have to follow the following Do's and Don'ts.

1- Register your dog with your local vet, attend annual health checks and ensure your dog is adequately immunized/ vaccinated.
2- Feed your Dog the right diet.Dog food is made to contain all the nutrients a Dog need---human food or other types of pet food do not contain all of these essential nutrients in the right amounts.
3- Give your dog the correct amount of exercise and play it needs. 
4- Groom your dog regularly.
5- Make sure your Dog always has plenty of fresh clean water available;if you are feeding your Dog dry food make sure you give them extra water.

1- Don't give human food snacks and treat to your Dog.These are often too fattening for them & lead to them putting on weight.
2- Don't allow your dog to chase livestock or wildlife.
3- Don't give chocolate to Dogs! It is toxic for them & can make them very ill.Only feed your Dog "Chocolate" treats that have been specially formulated for Dogs.
4- Don't spoil your dog - spoil dogs are as bad as spoil children.
5- Don't overfill your Dog's bowl if you think it looks like a small portion---follow the feeding guide,Dog food is nutritionally dense so Dog's don't need very large portions. 

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